Con l’uscita ad inizio anno del loro debut album hanno conquistato il supporto di BBC Radio e Rolling Stone li ha definiti astro nascente della scena elettro pop Made In UK, il singolo Crystal Clear è stato in rotazione su MTV New Zone e pochi giorni fa la track Trampoline è stata presentata in video premiere su Rockit. Gli accostamenti a MGMT e Animal Collective per il loro sound condito di synth e beats, ritmi tribali e tropicali, gli hanno permesso di calcare palchi importanti in apertura a Bloc Party, Friendly Fires, Mystery Jets, Is Tropical.

Ma i N-A-I-V-E-S non si fermano certo ai complimenti, sono pronti a conquistare un palcoscenico tutto loro, hanno voglia di divertirsi e di divertire e non vedono l’ora di tornare in Italia, anzi sono già in Italia per due date esclusive dopo il live Torinese di questo inverno.

Domani 1 giugno saranno tra i protagonisti di HORTIS FESTIVAL a Oderzo (TV) e il 2 giugno il loro live darà il via alla stagione estiva del Circolo Arci MU di Parma e al progetto Venerdì FREEDAY che vede anche il nostro collettivo beatandstyle ospite con un djset aftershow.

Per scacciare l’attesa, li abbiamo raggiunti e ci hanno confezionato una selezione, che come ci descrivono, riassume al meglio il loro percorso musicale, le loro influenze e che vi farà letteralmente volare via.

Planningtorock – Misxgyny Drxp Dead
We played this track at Glastonbury during our DJ-Set back in 2013 and despite its weird rhythm on the choruses the audience loved it and danced like crazy :). We listened to this song on repeat and never got bored of it… perhaps because of its really interesting key changes, and its mysterious / dark atmosphere… it’s crazy magical!  We love Planningtorock, another track we really like is called “Living it out”, we still remember them performing it live at Rough Trade in london.. she sings with a weird mask and uses pitch effect on her voice.. she has two saxophones playing live with fx and a percussions.. such a sick performance!

MGMT – Kids
How not to mention this track?!? We love MGMT! and we really like “Kids” with its unique and simple synth lead which makes this song one of the best synth pop / indie pop track ever and yet a generational hymn. We are so glad and honoured to have been compared with them, maybe because one of our tracks “W.I.G.O” which carries out a similar sort of structure and a similar adolescent and naive message with it, we are really prod of that!
Also, we have to mention Kids Soulwax remix as well, hugely played in our DJ sets.. so cool!

Yeasayer – Ambling Alp
We love this band, we love their ability to mix all sorts of different sounds and fx, we love the contrast between the complexity of their music production and the simplicity of its message.This song is epic, and the video too!…there is the slo-mo running horse, the mirror faces under the black hoods, the strong colour-grade…..the black volcanic sand and the yellow yolk on Yeasayer members heads… lots of really cool images which are set free for a number of different interpretations. From this video in particular, we took the inspiration for “Horizon”where we decided to use green screen and green screen paint on our faces!  Check it out!

Fimber Bravo – The Way We Live Today (feat. Alexis Taylor – Hot Chip)
We met Fimber and Alexis back in 2013 when we were just experimenting our first N-A-I-V-E-S tunes. We fell in love with their music and their attitude as we thought it was quite similar. They were playing live on top of endless African loops, psychedelic components, electronic, fx, and some improvisation as well, all combined with really cool dance rhythms.. impossible to stay still! We collaborated with Fimber Bravo in one track which will be released soon and also LA.po is producing his new album, it is really cool. We feel this as a natural evolution of a really good friendship and mutual support.

The first IS TROPICAL album wasn’t even out yet when we met them back in 2011, but we definitely got the feeling these guys would have gone very far .. and they did, indeed. We love their music and specially this very first ever published song. After years of friendship and gigs shared together we asked them to remix “Trampoline” and they did a really nice version of it! Trampoline Remixes will be released in half June by a really cool Italian label called “La Valigetta”, along with Severino (from Horse Meat Disco) and Frank Agrario remixes. We are really looking fwd to this!